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Pressure die casting

Vostermans Alu Foundries specialised in the production of relatively small batches of aluminum die cast work. Pressure die casting is a technique, whereby liquid aluminum is injected at high speed, under high pressure in a steel die. Our high pressure casting machines (with closure pressures up to 1200 tons) are equipped with casting and spraying robots and electric ovens for heating. The dies are equipped with cooling and heating devices. The great dimensional accuracy of pressure die casting eliminates the need to finish the product or at least reduces it to a minimum.


Production process

Pressure die casting is a completely automated process in which the molten aluminum is injected into the dies under high pressure. The high pressure casting machine mechanically opens and closes the dies. Once the mould cavity is filled, the pressure is maintained until the casting solidifies. The ejection of the cast work at the end of the casting cycle is also done automatically.


This technique permits complex and thin-walled cast work to be manufactured. The automated production combined with the continuous quality control reduces defects and rework to an absolute minimum.


Advantages of pressure die casting

  • High degree of accuracy even in large series
  • Surface area treatments are unnecessary or reduced to a minimum
  • Thin-walled, while maintaining its strength 
  • The ability to cast complex designs
  • The possibility of including bushings, pins, and number and letter characters on the casting

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