Partnership by creation
Partnership by creation




Aluminiumgieterij Vostermans Alu Foundries


     Branche: Machine industry

     Process: High pressure die casting


Branche: Machinery-industry - Hydraulics

Process: High pressure die casting

  ConsumerLicht-Hogedrukgieten D1   ConsumerLicht-Hogedrukgieten D2  

Branche: Consumer - Light

Process: High pressure die casting and sand casting

  AutomotiveAccessoires-HogedrukgietenCoquillegieten B1   B2  

Branche: Automotive accessoires

Process: High pressure die casting 

  MachineindustrieVentilatoren-HogedrukgietenZandgieten J1   J2  

Branche: Machinery industry

Process: High pressure die casting

  AutomotiveMotoronderdelen-Zandgieten H1    

Process: Sandcasting

  Medische industrie-Zandgieten G1    

Branche: Medical industry

Process: Sandcasting and high pressure die casting


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