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Sand casting

The aluminum sand casting process is pre-eminently suitable for either single piece casting or quantity production. Natural moulding sand is used, which gives the cast work a smooth and clean finish with great dimensional accuracy. The sand casting foundry has a sophisticated, automatic moulding machine on which simple castings as well as highly complicated cast work can be produced.


This highly advanced instrument is the Seiatsu HPS2, capable of producing intricate cast work of high quality and great reproducibility. 


Production process 

The sand casting process begins with the production of a three-dimensional impression of a model, a so-called pattern. Cores are used to create negative forms for the required cavities in the more complex models. The pattern and cores are manufactured with absolute devotion to quality and durability, affirming a state of the art end product.

After the design and fabrication of the pattern and cores, a print in sand is made by pressing the two halves of the casting flask together. This print serves as the mould during the actual casting process. The molten aluminum is poured into the mould cavity and is allowed to cool. When the sand mould is broken away a careful finish is given and the final product is ready to be packed and shipped.

Vostermans Alu Foundries guarantees a continuous and first-rate quality control during all phases of the procedure. This way of working offers a great degree of quality, accuracy and cost reduction while delivery times remain short.


Advantages of sand casting 

  • Low investment costs
  • Relatively low production costs
  • Short delivery times
  • Suitable for complex moulds
  • Easily adjustable mould designs
  • Suitable for large casting


More information:

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